Scheduling for Multiple Witnesses/Depositions

Modified on Thu, 02 Feb 2023 at 03:26 PM

At DepoDirect, we understand that efficiency is important to our customers. One efficiency is around scheduling when all parties to a case are in a room. We understand that is an opportunity to perform depositions back-to-back, and we want to help facilitate those depositions for you. When these cases arise, it is important for our team to know, so that we can provide the best service and ensure that your depositions are properly recorded and entered into the record.


When you have a situation where you need to perform multiple back-to-back depositions, we ask that you schedule each deposition as a separate Event in our system. This will allow us to provide each of those deposition videos and transcripts to you in the portal. You can indicate the Events are related to us by using the following steps:

  1. Schedule your first Event for the first Witness to be deposed.
    1. Add a note in the Special Requests field that says "Multiple Witness Deposition" and lists all of the witnesses to be deposed.
  2. Schedule the second Event for the second Witness.
    1. Set the scheduled time to when you believe the deposition should start. You will need to estimate the time you expect the first deposition to conclude. This helps us to know the order the witnesses will be deposed.
    2. Add a note in the Special Requests field that says "Multiple Witness Deposition" and lists all of the witnesses to be deposed.
  3. Repeat the previous step for each witness, setting the start time to the time you believe that deposition should begin.
    1. Always add the note in the Special Requests field.

On the Day

On the day of your depositions, you will need to join the individual meetings for each witness in the order they were scheduled with us. That means you will join the first scheduled Event's Zoom meeting. When that first deposition concludes, you will switch to the next Event's Zoom meeting.

We require the use of multiple meetings for a few reasons.

  1. Individual meetings ensure we get a clean record for each witness.
  2. Individual meetings allow you to only send the Zoom link to people that need to be in the deposition. No worrying that a particular witness joins in the middle of another witness' deposition.
  3. Individual meetings allow us to provide the deposition files to you cleanly in our portal.
  4. Individual meetings allow us to keep the Exhibit record accurate for each deposition.

After the Depositions

Once the depositions are concluded, you will be able to see each deposition separately in our platform. That gives you access to the witness video, picture-in-picture video (if exhibits were shared), rough transcript, and Exhibits. You can also independently request final transcripts and synced videos for each witness.

Each Event will be separately billed, and the minimum duration will apply to each deposition taken.

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