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Exhibit management

Exhibits in DepoDirect are linked to your Cases, allowing easy management of Exhibits through the Case lifecycle and easy re-use of Exhibits between Events. No longer is it necessary to send exhibits for every new deposition you schedule. In DepoDirect, attorneys and paralegals can now upload their exhibit documents once for an entire Case.

You can upload Exhibits to either an Event or a Case. When you upload to an Event, the Exhibit will automatically be added to the Case Exhibits.

The DepoDirect Exhibit suite supports PDFs and all image types. When an image is uploaded, we automatically convert it to a PDF to allow it to work best with our tools. If there is another type of file you need, please submit a ticket to let us know.

Adding Exhibits to a Case

To add Exhibits to a Case:

  1. Go to the My Cases page.
  2. Find the Case you want in the list.
  3. Select the three dot menu to the right of the case row.
  4. Click Import Exhibit and the import modal will appear.
  5. Upload your documents using drag and drop or the choose a file link.
  6. Exhibits will upload, and you will see them in the list.

Adding Exhibits to an Event

Exhibits can be added to an Event by choosing from the list of Exhibits on the Case or by uploading them directly to the Event.

To add Exhibits to an Event:

  1. Go to the Events page.
  2. Find the Event you want in the list.
  3. Select the three dot menu to the right of the event row.
  4. Click Import Exhibit and the import modal will appear.
  5. The modal will list all of the available Exhibits from the Case.
  6. You can click on one of the listed Exhibits to add it to the Event or you can click Import New Exhibitat the bottom left of the modal to upload a new Exhibit.
    1. If you are uploading a new Exhibit, you may use drag and drop or the choose a file link.
  7. Exhibits will be added to the Event, and you will see them in the list.

Exhibit stamping

Keeping track of which Exhibits in your case have been stamped and what Exhibit number you are on is an important part of DepoDirect's Exhibit suite. When you stamp an Exhibit in our system, we will keep track of the stamp for that document across all of your events and keep track of the stamps centrally on the Case.

When a document is stamped with DepoDirect's Exhibit suite, we will apply a virtual stamp to the document that can be resized and placed properly on the document to not cover up any of the document contents. This stamp will be added to all versions of the Exhibit across the Case and any Events it has been added to. The stamp will also persist on any new Events the Exhibit is added to, so you don't have to stamp the document again.

Additionally, any stamped document will show the particular stamping on the Exhibit list for Events and the Case, so you can always see which Exhibits have been stamped and which have not. You won't have to wonder if a particular Exhibit was already assigned a stamp or not.

Stamping a document can be handled by our Digital Reporters as a part of our white glove services or you can stamp the documents yourself. If you choose to stamp the documents, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Open the Exhibit in our Exhibit suite.
  2. Click the Stamp button in the top right.
  3. Provide the Exhibit number you wish to use. e.g. "Exhibit 3"
  4. Click the Stamp button.
  5. If needed, resize and move the stamp to the desired location.
  6. Click Save Annotations.

Exhibit annotations

The DepoDirect Exhibit suite aims to provide all of the tools you need to work with your Exhibits. Annotating documents is a key part of working with Exhibits, and we provide a great set of tools for highlighting the important parts of your Exhibits.

Our Exhibit suite supports the following tools:

  • Freehand Drawing
  • Text Highlighting
  • Eraser
  • Text
  • Line
  • Arrow
  • Rectangle
  • Ellipsis

Each of these tools allows customization of the color used. Additionally, each added annotation can be deleted, if needed.

When you are done with any annotations you have added to a document, be sure to click Save Annotations to save them to our system.

Annotations are stored for each Event individually, so when you save them, they are saved to the specific Event you opened the Exhibit from. If you are annotating a document from the Case Exhibit list, you will be annotation on that specific version, and those annotations will be automatically transferred to any new Event you add that Exhibit to.

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