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What is an Event?

In the DepoDirect platform, an Event represents a single Deposition within a Case. The Event organizes all of the information needed before, during, and after the deposition. Events are used to schedule the deposition, get the meeting link, organize the Exhibit documents, and manage individual Teammate access.

Scheduling Events

Scheduling is a core feature of Events in the DepoDirect platform. When an event is scheduled, our team goes to work setting up the online meeting and assigning one of our Digital Reporters to manage your deposition. We will also take care of any additional needs requested as part of the scheduling process. This includes getting an interpreter for a specific language, if requested, as well as any special requests you may have.

After you schedule

Once you have submitted your scheduling request with DepoDirect, we will go to work to make sure everything is ready for you. We will send you a confirmation email with a calendar invitation and a meeting link.

After scheduling, you can go in to the Event and get everything ready. You can add Exhibits to the Event to make sure they are available for the Reporter during the Event. You can also add Teammates to give them access to the Event. You will be able to get those Exhibits and Teammates set up before and during the Event.

Short notice scheduling

At DepoDirect, we want to provide deposition services for any deposition you have. We know that there will be occasions where you need to schedule on shorter notice than usual. Any event that is scheduled within 24 hours of the start time is considered "Short Notice Scheduling" by us.

In these cases, you will see a notice when you submit the event. The notice is a reminder that we will need a bit of time to locate someone to fulfill your deposition. As a part of that notice, a phone number is provided to allow you to directly contact us. You can use that phone number to reach us to confirm our receipt of your scheduling and expedite finding a Digital Reporter for you.


Canceling an Event with DepoDirect is as easy as it is to schedule. You can navigate to the Event you scheduled in your Events list. Click on the date of the Event, and you will be taken to the Event Information page. On the Event Information page, you will see a "Cancel Event" link in red below all of the information. If you click on that and confirm the cancellation, then your event will be canceled.


Rescheduling an Event is just a few clicks with DepoDirect. You can navigate to the Event you scheduled in your Events list. Click on the date of the Event, and you will be taken to the Event Information page. On the Event Information page, you will see a "Reschedule" link in blue below all of the information. If you click on that you will be able to provide the new date and time for the Event. When rescheduling with DepoDirect, we will automatically transfer all of the Event information to the new date and time, including exhibits and teammates.

Please note that rescheduling is equivalent to canceling the original Event and scheduling a new Event. We handle Events this way to ensure that the meeting is handled properly and any short notice cancellations can be easily verified.

Teammates on Events

Teammates on Events are a great way to grant access to a single Event to people in your organization. Adding a Teammate to an Event is different from adding a Teammate to a Case. When you add someone to an Event, they only get access to that single Event, rather than the whole Case. This is useful if a particular person only needs to help with a single deposition. This provides flexibility by limiting how much information is shared in your organization.

Teammates can be added or removed as needed. When looking at the Teammates list on an Event, the Permission column will indicate the kind of access that particular teammate has. On an Event, there are four levels:

  • Case Owner - This person is the creator of the Case the Event is in, and their access cannot be removed.
  • Case Access - This person is a Teammate on the Case and inherits their access from the Case.
  • Event Owner - This person has Case Access, but created this particular Event, and their access to this Event cannot be removed.
  • Event Access - This person has been granted access to just this Event.

Exhibits on Events

The Exhibit list for an Event is a list of all of the Exhibits added from the Case to the particular Event. Every Exhibit in an Event also exists at the Case level.

Exhibits can be stamped, which will apply the stamp at the Case level and be shown in all of the Events that Exhibit is added to. This provides consistent stamping of a single document used across many depositions, so you don't have to keep track of whether the Exhibit has been previously introduced or not.

Exhibits can also be annotated at the Event level. These annotations are stored for the particular Event, allowing you to annotate Exhibits differently for each deposition.

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